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A Few Words About Us

who we are

The growers that make up the Horizon Companies are a diverse group from which over 70% of the pistachios in California originated. Their pistachio crops cover the entire width of the California Central Valley, from Madera County to Kern County. Most of the members are pioneers of the California pistachio industry with regards to farming and processing. At the processing facilities, many of our managers have been working with pistachios for over 20 years. We have a wide knowledge base from the ground up and plenty of experience to keep our future looking bright.


Our History

In March 2007, a group of growers decided it would be in their best interest to oversee their hulling/drying and processing needs. About 9 months later, A&P Growers together with many other pistachio growers from the valley gathered to form a new entity called Horizon Growers. In June of the following year, after much planning and deliberation on how this new business would commence, Horizon Nut, LLC was born. At the end of 2008, the 20 growers that made up Horizon Nut, LLC closed escrow on the huller facility in Lost Hills and the processing facility in Tulare, CA. Shortly thereafter Horizon Growers Cooperative, Inc was created to handle the processing and marketing for Horizon Nut, LLC.