• Services Overview

    We offer many services including but not limited to:


    • Roasting/Salting Pistachios
    • Roasting/Salting Almonds
    • Packing Pistachios & Almonds
    • Sorting In-shell Pistachios
    • Sorting Pistachio Kernels
    • Grading Pistachios
    • Shelling Pistachios, etc.

  • Roasting

    Our roaster has been verified and validated for a 5-log kill step for in-shell and kernels and a 4-log kill step for almonds. We offer competitive rates for our roasting services, please inquire about our services by using the Contact Us page.

  • Proplyne Oxide Treatment

    Food safety is paramount in our practices here at Horizon. We have built and installed equipment and housing for propylene oxide treatments.


    • 2 chambers, 2 pre-heat rooms and 2 off-gas rooms all with full load capacities for propylene oxide treatments

    • Approved for use on Pistachios, Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans & Hazelnuts

    • Diminish pathogens and exterminate pests

    • Provide reassurance that residues meet required residue level

    • Treat in a variety of styles of pack including: non-VacPac boxes, super sacks, tri-wall bins, wooden or plastic bins

  • Organics

    Since September 2006, our facility has been certified by CCOF as a certified organic handler of pistachios and almonds. We offer roasting, salting, packing, sorting, and grading services to our organic market segment.

  • Health and Nutrition

    Health and Nutrition

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