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Beautiful green premium pistachios from right here in Central California

We do it all so we

100% grower owned. Pistachios processed the way farmers intended them to be.

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Horizon Nut Company is a grower-owned, California grown pistachio processing operation led by a diverse group of industry pioneers.

Horizon and other California pistachio growers account for 99% of the entire pistachio yield in the United States. Grower experience and innovative leadership – acquired across decades – creates an unparalleled advantage in offering consumers the highest-quality pistachios available.


Capacity To Meet Grower Demand

We are prepared for rapidly increasing demand for processing capacity, a demand that will double in the next five years. We are aggressively expanding to provide service to growers across the Valley and the state. Our 2020 vision – where we will be at the end of the decade – is to create a processing capacity of 100 million pounds annually.


Where Growers Belong

This is the home of the true family farmer, and you will have a kindred group of dedicated partners helping get your crop from farm to table. Our grower group is 45 strong, and they are hands-in-the-dirt business people just like you.

Are you a pistachio grower? Join Horizon!
At Horizon, we are pioneers of the pistachio industry. Meet the leaders of our grower-owned group.
Horizon has plant locations near your orchards.