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  • Hulling
  • Drying
  • Sorting
  • Grading
  • Roasting

Horizon Nut Company LogoProcessing is the key to bringing quality farm-grown nuts from the orchard to the table, and we not only do it differently, we do it better. At Horizon, we’ve perfected and continue to pioneer our process to ensure we remain at the top of our industry with an unblemished food safety record and unmatched quality.


We’ve developed perfect processing that ensures the best quality nut meat. Added to that is our proprietary steam treatment process that has never had a recall. That’s never, as in not once. We’ve expanded significantly to process 60-75 million pounds of pistachios a year, and we continue to grow each year. We look forward to more growers becoming a part of Horizon Nut Company to join us in realizing this goal.

The Secret Is Safety

You see recalls in the food industry on a regular basis. But Horizon has maintained a perfect food safety record, and there is a reason for that. Food safety is the heart of our operation, and vital to the final quality of the pistachios we process. We aren’t satisfied with traditional processing methods – we have developed a proprietary method that we feel rises far above that of any other processor.


For the consumer, this means you get a quality nut to feed your family without fear of contamination. For the grower, this raises the likelihood that your product will not betray you. The nuts you bring us will go to market and stay there.

Horizon Pistachio Processing in Action
Premium Pistachio Processing by Horizon Nut Company
Horizon Nut Company Processes Only The Best Pistachios