Dear Friends of Horizon,

It is a beautiful spring day on this April 1st in Tulare, California. Highs today will be in the mid-70’s. Pistachio trees are in bloom. There is a nice gentle breeze outside my window. Life is good. Our parking lot is filled with cars that brought our employees to work today. It looks like business as usual at Horizon Nut Company. However, we all know that it is not.

Inside our plant today, there will be nearly 300 employees that left their family and friends at home to come to work. They are at work producing food. They are not at the stores buying food, they are not in their homes eating food, and they are not sitting on their couches watching the news or reading social media. They are hard at work helping to feed the world.

Across the world today there are businesses just like ours, producing the foods that people are fighting selfishly over in the supermarkets. By the time most employees get off work the shelves are empty. As we watch, listen, and read the news of the day, we hear praise given to many sectors of our societies. We see the term “hero” given to many professions, and most well deserved. However, one group is never mentioned and frequently forgotten. Our plant, as well as plants throughout the world are filled with silent heroes.

I wanted to pause today to recognize and thank our employees and all employees in the food sector for the sacrifices they make each day. If it wasn’t for their courage and dedication, the world wouldn’t eat. Most people walk into the grocery store or wait for their home delivery, without any idea where their food comes from, or what it takes to get it there. Every day I work with the people that make it happen. I am proud to call them my co-workers.

Please stay safe and healthy. Eat more pistachios and we will continue to produce more.

Best regards,

Joel Perkins
Horizon Nut Company